Praline Cookies

I have so many great cookie recipes from my Grandma Eberle that I am hard pressed to name a favorite. This is definitely among them. I’m not sure why I call this Grandma’s recipe, maybe because she showed me the book that it was recorded in. The reality is that my grandmother rarely cooked. My Great Aunt Mar (short for Marie) lived with my grandparents and did most of the cooking.

Aunt Mar was deaf, although many family members swore that she had selective hearing. The story that I grew up with was that Aunt Mar lost her hearing at age 16 due to Scarlet Fever. As an adult I heard a different story from my cousin Mimi. According to Mimi: When our Uncle Vin was in med school, he insisted that Aunt Mar have a series of tests, as they were developing new treatments. He returned to the house where the large extended family lived and confronted Grandma, (his mother). Uncle Vin asked whether Aunt Mar had had a severe trauma early in life. My startled Grandmother replied, “How did you know?!” Vin answered, “The doctors could find no physical reason for Mar’s deafness.” It seems my Great Aunt had been deeply in love with a young man and wanted to marry him. The family disapproved and from that point on Mar could no longer hear.

I don’t know which story is true.