Green Spaghetti

From Joan's Granny Fitz (Margaret McGrath)

long as I can remember this has been my daughter Alexis’ favorite dish! My Mom, Grandma Fitz, would be sure to make it every time we visited. As a politically correct,(or whatever you call it) adolescent, Alexis was appalled to learn that this was made with a frozen dinner. She still likes it anyway.

My Mother often made 6, or more, short trips to the grocery store everyday under the pretense of having forgotten something. In reality, she used these trips to sneak cigarettes. Theoretically Mom had quit smoking years before. When my siblings and I were young marrieds, some of the in-laws asked why we didn’t just tell Mom that we knew she smoked? Our collective response went something like this: “If we tell her we know, then she’ll feel free to smoke openly, which would result in her smoking more. So if we go along with the charade, then it limits the amount.” Our shared logic! In ‘researching’ ingredients for this recipe in CT, I went to several local grocery chains. I found Stouffer’s products, but I could not find the Spinach Souffle´. Maybe it’s no longer available.