Cocoa Mint Sandwiches

From Joan’s friend Liz Sheperd

I met Liz in undergraduate school in St. Louis. Liz has a rich personal story, but she she was always so friendly and unassuming, that it would only come out later that her uncle was Alan Sheperd, the first American into space. Liz majored in graphic design, but her passion was music. In St. Louis she involved herself in the history of the Blues and in Bluegrass, creating album covers for many.

We both moved to Chicago almost simultaneously, but didn’t know it. My husband and I were having a summer dinner al fresco when Liz walked by! In Chicago she introduced me to a number of local musicians such as Buddy Guy and Junior Wells, taking me to the Checkerboard on the South side for beer and dancing. Liz is now a sommelieré in Paris.

____ Postscript. In writing up and about this recipe, I learned that my friend Liz originally received it from Nancy Henry who resides on Cape Cod.