Beef Brisket

From Joan's Granny Fitz (Margaret McGrath)

This was a meal for special occasions. It was often served on holidays. I think it might be a Midwestern specialty. I’ve only had brisket on the East coast when I’ve been to a Passover celebration.

I became very aware of beef brisket’s ubiquity in the Midwest, many years ago, on a family visit. My Mother liked to shop. It was a snowy winter. The roads were bad so we went just a few blocks, in and out of neighborhood specialty shops. In one of those shops I overheard two middle-aged women exchanging beef brisket recipes.

In ‘researching’ ingredients for this recipe in CT, I went to several local grocery chains. I found Stouffer’s products, but I could not find Franco American Gravy. I think that might be a regional brand.