For many years now, I have attended Susan & Arthur Guagliumi’s New Year’s Day party where everyone brings a dish (I’m not reliable). Each time, I position myself strategically next to Eliot and Emma Ephraim’s delicious “Tortilla”—the perfect blend of eggs, potatoes, onions, salt, pepper, and olive oil. Emma, who is from Barcelona, would politely correct me when I’d incorrectly call it a Frittata, “It’s a Tortilla.” I’d been using the same ingredients to make the Italian version—the Frittata—taught by my mother who was taught my my grandmother. My Frittata never tasted like the Tortilla. My kids were always ambivalent when I told them we were having Frittata for dinner. Frank would ask if we had Ketchup.

,p.I asked Emma to teach me—”Have me over and let me watch you make a Tortilla, please?” What a stroke of fortune! Now I know that everything is different—the pan, how the potatoes and onions are cut, the number of eggs,the heat, the way the ingredients are cooked. I created a video about my experience and turn-around titled Tortilla Rising: Barcelona, Naples and 630 Miles and will never cook a Frittata again.