Roasted Chicken with Peppers

Hands-down best chicken. No restaurant chicken comes close. The idea of roasting a whole chicken came from Linda Lindroth who happened to be on a quest in the mid-1990’s to find the best roasted chicken recipe. She told my sister Debbie and I, about this recipe she was perfecting at the time. The ingredients, the temp, and the salt blanket were the beginning. My recollection was that she found the recipe in The New York Times, but recently when asked about its origin, Linda remembered Barbara Kafka’s book Roasting from the mid-1990’s and thinks that may be the inspiration for Roast Chicken. Or perhaps it was Alice Water’s roasted turkey recipe. Linda has continued to develop the original recipe further and it now includes shallots, potatoes, and some olive oil. All I knew was that noone in my family ever put an oven up to 475° and it was one of my first adventures with my convection oven.

With a bummer crop of peppers of all varieties from this year’s garden, Rock and I tried adding them to the roasting pan along with Linda’s new additions: shallots, potatoes, and olive oil. It’s our new favorite.