In the early 70’s inbetween college stints, I was a weaving apprentice to Susan Guagliumi and lived with her family on Bishop Street in North Haven, CT. It was a great learning experience because keeping step with Susan means going 95 miles an hour.

Around the holidays in 1975, I was introduced to her yearly ritual of making batches of Gurabia—each a little different— in an effort to match the ones in her memory that her Grandmother’s friend would send at holiday time. Susan recalled the shape, color, texture, size and exact number that were sent (she had to split them with her brothers). Susan poured over cookbooks and answers from cooking magazines to her questions about how to make the Gurabia, otherwise known as the Armenian Sugar Cookie.

Well, we (she) figured it out. We make them in a different shape today but they are so delicious and pure white—as they should not brown even lightly. Like snow—only yummie.