Blackout Cake

While attending Rhode Island School of Design, I made money running the gallery at the Sarah Doyle Women’s Center on Meeting Street and baked for a restaurant on the block called Penguins (across from the Avon Cinema) on Thayer Street. One of the items was a delicious, dense chocolate cake with velvety chocolate topping (can’t call it frosting). The owner, Carol Rosenblatt, gave me the recipe. I would make three a week in 13-inch rectangular pans, one layer thick and pour the warm chocolate over it. I have to admit that the topping no longer comes out exactly the same as I remember it being—maybe the chocolate I use has changed. Even people I shared the recipe with like Linda Lindroth have had a similar experience. Nonetheless—it’s terrific. I make it for all chocolate-loving people. I’ve even made it for my friend’s wedding.