Bark—I think of it as a Jewish holiday treat but I only make them at Christmas time. Everyone loves it and I have given the recipe to many people.

My introduction to the recipe came by way of my friend and mentor Susan Guagliumi who brought them one year at holiday time in a beautiful basket filled with her wonderful special home-made gifts. She makes the best jams, pickles, cookies, you name it. And, of course, the Bark.

I met Susan through her husband, Arthur, who invited me to speak to his craft class at Southern Connecticut State University in 1973. Afterwards, he told me I had to meet his wife who was a weaver like I was. I became her appentice in 1974 and live with them and their son Jordan for the next few years. Susan is an exceptionally creative, talented, and smart woman who is hard to keep up with. Martha pales in comparision.